Together with Building and Construction, DIY and Home Improvement is one of the original sectors that Clear PR and its forerunners were set up to support. This is the area in which the company has the most depth with journalists, stylists, photographers and designers. Coverage generated is regularly used to demonstrate to buyers the popularity of products. Key brands also use the PR reach & KPIs as a central part of their product presentations at category review time. CPR produces regular coverage across all target magazines throughout the year-with brand messages, illustrations and prompts to purchase. ROI ratings in this area regularly exceed 8:1.


Generating new ideas when new products aren’t forthcoming is the key to successful PR. This, combined with selling the ‘sizzle’ not the sausage and understanding that people want the picture not the picture hook. CPR clients regularly get the majority allocation of available space in any features dedicated to their product area. This is down to strategically driven photography, topical or seasonal copy and perfect timing when selling in. With a reputation that brings journalists to us, CPR still aims to generate that extra couple of column inches by spotting the trend, developing photography and pre-empting the page requirement ahead of the rest.

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