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Standard Media Terms and Conditions:


Media Partner:  Any Magazine, Newspaper, Periodical, Website, Colour Supplement, or Broadcast title carrying promotions or competitions run by The Clear Group or Clear Public Relations:

Availability of Terms and Conditions

All Media Partners will be notified of these Terms and Conditions through Competition or Promotion Copy, or during the initial negotiations.  Copies are available from Bobbi Davy, The Clear Group, 57 Kingsway Place, Sans Walk, London EC1R 0LY or email 

Clear PR is authorised by its clients via Contact Reports and Contracts to offer specific prizes and awards via agreed Media Partners to the general public.

The Media Partner is responsible for subjecting such promotions and competitions to their own terms and conditions, prior to publication.  These terms and conditions must comply as a minimum to the requirements outlined within the Clear Terms and Conditions for Competitions and Promotions.

The Media Partner is also responsible for ensuring the final proposition fits within the relevant law, industry code of conduct, or standards as applied by the Advertising Standards Authority or Direct Mail Association.

Clear PR undertakes to ensure all competitions are run equitably, promptly and efficiently.  Consumers will be dealt with fairly and honourably and all efforts will be made to avoid disappointment. 

Standard Layouts

All competitions and promotions will clearly state:

How to participate in the competition/event

The conditions and criteria for entry

The criteria for prize allocation

Start and closure dates

The number and/or nature of the prize

How winners will be notified or details published

Address and Contact Details for prize entries

Any relevant restrictions:  Geographical, Age Range, Technological (ie: Internet only) Timing and relevant permissions

Standard statements:  No Cash Alternative, Insufficient entries or quality of entry will result in the competition being cancelled and prizes withdrawn.


Where it is in Clear PR’s control, all competition prizes will be dispatched within 28 days of when the winner’s details are announced.  Media Partners who are responsible for disseminating prizes are required to ensure dispatch within 28 days.  In circumstances where this is not possible both Clear PR and the Media Partner will be responsible for informing winners of the delay and providing a new timetable for delivery.

Postage and Packaging

Clear PR considers the cost of postage and packaging to be included within the prize value.  All efforts will be made to ensure prize winners are notified of their winnings, and where appropriate – dates and times of delivery will be agreed.  Clear PR does not guarantee these times will be met in every instance.  Clear PR does not undertake to perform repeat deliveries where prize winners are not available to sign for prizes.

Cash Alternatives

Under no circumstances will cash alternatives be available.

Insufficient Entries/Quality of Entries

Clear PR reserves the right to withdraw the competition or promotion and withhold prizes in circumstances where there are too few entries or entries are of insufficient quality.

Entry Qualifications/Judging/Prize Allocation

The media vehicle will be responsible for the selecting the entry qualifications, judging and prize allocation. Specific details will be submitted by Clear PR with each competition which will be taken to be agreed if reproduced by the media vehicle.

All competitions and promotions should feature a skills/based prize selection procedure – the details of which will be the title’s responsibility, unless stated otherwise by Clear PR.

Entry Periods

Where a competition or award entries are required by a certain timescale, entries will be deemed to have qualified when they have arrived by 5.30pm of the closing day of the period.  No late entries will be considered.

Limits Prize Offers

All Prizes or awards will be limited by volume or value, dependent on the final specifics agreed with the media partner involved.  Clear PR reserves the right to change the detailed specification of the prize should availability problems arise.  Replacement offers will equal or exceed the specifications made in the original offer.  Prizes may not be exchanged or resold without permission of the Client, Media Partner or Clear PR.

Sudden and Unforeseen Events

Clear PR is not responsible for any sudden or unforeseen event that may arise.  Eg:  Client Insolvency, Product Withdrawals, Event Cancellations, Product Upgrades or similar.  In such instances Clear PR undertakes to communicate clearly with the prize winners and media titles to ensure they understand the circumstances. 

Additional Limitations:

No employees of The Clear Group, the relevant Client or the relevant Media may enter any competitions or promotions run by The Clear Group.

No correspondence will be entered into regarding judging and allocation of prizes

Complexity of Entries

Media Partners are required to respect rule 35.5 of the ASA’s Code of Conduct which states:  Complex rules must be avoided and only very occasionally will it be considered acceptable to supplement the conditions of entry with supplementary rules.

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