BUSINESS TO BUSINESS PR- Professional Services

Clear PR does not provide financial PR, but it does help clients sell products and services into the financial community. It also works with management and brand consultants who target the food, IT, building and construction sectors. Working for peers is often a case of cross-fertilisation and CPR has gained much from working on projects and programmes with leading actuarial, management and IT consultants. Team members have even been persuaded to cross the line to become ‘in-house’- a complement!


Sometimes the worst people at developing their own strategic programmes are those who are so expert at doing it for others. CPR’s team members are used to working with C-suite directors, developing communication disciplines and skills. Thought leadership, team profiles and conference and seminar platforms all form part of a standard PR programme in this area. Clients are not expected to give away their expertise for free- but they are expected to help potential purchasers to get to a point where they understand how valuable professional services can be.

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