BUSINESS TO BUSINESS PR- Building and Construction

Together with DIY, the building and construction sector is one of the original areas that Clear PR and its forerunners were set up to support. It’s the area in which CPR has the most depth, having supported clients from the floor to the roof and from the paving stones to the inspection panels. Our knowledge of building and construction is thorough and we also understand what motivates purchasers. CPR has targeted architects, builders, developers and construction companies as well as investors and property companies.


The purchase of a building product or service can be influenced by everyone from the architect to the tradesman to the trade counter staff. Each target audience needs to be delivered a specific message if they are to make a positive recommendation. This requires a different tone of voice across different channels and different media. Getting the details right is vital in order to deliver coverage that stimulates positive purchasing decisions. This attention to detail makes all the difference- and it’s the difference that distinguishes CPR.

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